Is There Anywhere I Can Store Addresses On My Computer?


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Louise Gorman answered
Yes, click on 'Start', then click on 'Accessories'. Scroll down and click on 'Address Book'. You can start adding contacts to the address book by clicking on 'New' and then 'New Contact'. Or you can create a new group by clicking on 'New Group' or a new folder by clicking on 'New Folder'.

You can get in touch with your contacts by clicking on 'Action'. You can send mail to your contacts or get in touch using the other offered forms of communication. You can use the search option to look for specific contacts, and you can delete contacts if you wish. You can also sort the order that your contacts appear in by clicking on 'View', and then 'Sort By'. You can sort contacts by name, email address, business phone or home phone. You can also choose ascending or descending order.

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