How Can I Find Out What ISP Address Is For My Computer?


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The computer doesn't have any ISP address, however it has IP address which is dynamically assigned by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) when you connect to the Internet.

You can simply get the IP address of your computer by clicking on Start> Run > cmd.exe > ipconfig to know the IP address of your computer. There is also a static IP address of your compute if it is a part of a domain or workgroup. The above mentioned command will also tell you about the static IP address

The ISP address is the address of your Internet service provider and can be obtained by calling them or visiting their website.
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what if one doesn't know his ISP,say he is using the net somewhere else and wants to know the ISP there, then how to find that out?
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Well, I had a virus on my vaio sony computer.  I brought it back to its original state and now I have no icon or Internet to click on to get on the internet.  I probably need a disc to install in order to access internet.  What other way?  If there is no ISP software there is no way of accessing?  Is that correct? Somebody help
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I just got an computer and I don't know my email address

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