Why is my yahoo mail saying this Ouch! The error, LaunchFFC-1, occurred when trying to connect to Yahoo! Mail. Its getting annoying?


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The notification ‘Ouch! The error, LauchFFC-1, occurred when trying to connect to Yahoo! Mail’ is a sign that Yahoo! Is upgrading the servers and, if it has been occurring for a while, they may have stumbled across some difficulties along the way. You will find that if you look online at the time you are receiving this error, there will be many other people saying the same thing. It will not just be you getting this message; most other Yahoo! Mail users will be seeing the same thing. Yahoo! Try to keep the maintenance time that affects users down to a minimum as they are aware of how annoying it is for individuals trying to access their emails. Many have suggested that although they cannot access their emails via their computer web browser, they are still able to access it on their handheld devices and mobile phones. If you are waiting for an important email and keep getting this error, then try accessing it on an alternative device.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do when this error occurs, you will simply have to wait for the server upgrades to finish. Normally, Yahoo! Will keep users informed with when these upgrades will occur and try to give you plenty of notice so you can ensure that you can organise alternative methods of contact for this time. Try not to contact Yahoo! During the time of this error as, although you want to make them aware of how many people it has affected, the customer service and help team will not be able to speed up the process. They will only be able to tell you that it has been caused by a server upgrade and that everything will be up and running as soon as possible.
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What web browser are you using to view Yahoo! Mail? I use Mozilla Firefox and don't receive an error message. I know that Yahoo! Mail has had some serious issues recently and the company is doing a major overhaul and redesign. That could be one of the reasons you keep getting an error message. I would check Yahoo!'s FAQ and see if there is a list of 800 numbers you can call for further assistance.
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No system is perfect. I'm sure they have FAQs for this. Try searching answer from forums as well. And yes, try their toll free number though I know line might be busy..

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