How Can I Open My Yahoo Mail If It Has An Error Code 2?


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You can perform the following things to go to your yahoo mail.

open, click on sign in and when you will be signed in, click on 'mail' and you will be directed to your inbox.

Secondly you should make your screen resolution to 1024X768 pixels.

Still if you are experiencing problems, call yahoo phone number::::: 408-349-1572 (customer care) and fax number ::: 408-349-3301

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i have the same problem. i can access all the other folders except my inbox. it's been a week now and I'm starting to get frustrated. I've already filled out the error report form but so far no luck. the yahoo support email reply pops up in my YM, but its useless because i am unable to read the message anyway. any help would be appreciated.

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