How To Open Blocked Id Of Yahoo Mail?


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There are a couple of ways to unblock a locked Yahoo ID. These will depend of the security set up on the account and how it became blocked in the first place. An account can be locked for the following reasons.

• Suspicious/illegal activity
• Producing spam mail
• Forgetting your password
• Entering the incorrect details too many times
• Not knowing the security answers on the account

If this has been blocked by Yahoo for strange activity, sending Spam mail or any form of illegal use, the person that the Yahoo ID is registered with will have to contact Yahoo directly and explain the account activity or at least find out what has happened with the account. This may simply be a misunderstanding or a block that has been accidently been put on your account.

If you have managed to block the account yourself by entering the password incorrectly too many times or by forgetting the password, there are ways that the Yahoo ID can be re-accessed. You may have set up a few security alternatives when you set up the Yahoo ID and these will now become very useful.

If there was a secondary email address linked with the account then you can request that a new password is sent to the other email address and then you will be able to gain access to the Yahoo ID. There should also be some security questions set up to the Yahoo ID. When a password is forgotten, answering these questions will give you access to the Yahoo ID and then you will be prompted to change your password so that you have one that you know.

These are options to get into a Yahoo ID account once it has been locked but if you still have any issues accessing the Yahoo ID, you can contact Yahoo in a range of ways, the contact details are all listed here:;_ylt=As._N161ijLKN3rGagmOeNT1UCV4?last_url=
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Help me to open mt id
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Make a new id
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My 4 IDs has bee blocker from yahoo server so how can I open plz Tel me there is very important contracts

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