How Would I Know Whether Someone Has Blocked My Yahoo E-mail Account?


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There is, at present, no way of knowing for sure whether or not somebody has blocked a Yahoo e-mail account. Any message that is sent is done so in the normal way, as if the e-mail has arrived at the destination. There is no message notification to let you know that the message was not received, because effectively the message is received and deleted upon receipt, so the recipient never actually sees it. The e-mail will therefore not be sent back to the sender as undeliverable, as it has actually been delivered.

If you want to block someone else from sending you e-mail it is relatively simple to do so. Simply login to your Yahoo e-mail account and click on Options, then Mail Options. Then on the list on the left-hand side of the screen click on Spam. This will show the blocked address box. Enter the e-mail address of the user you want to block and click Add Block. You must finally make sure you save this added block by clicking on Save Changes, which is at the top of the screen.

You can check if somebody has read your e-mails by registering on one of the following websites: "" or "" Registering with one of these websites will enable you to receive an automated message when somebody opens an e-mail you have sent them, but it won't send you a message if they have blocked you.

Yahoo is not the only mail provider that you are unable to check on blocked accounts with. Similarly, Google provides no way of know of identifying whether or not somebody has placed a block on e-mails you are sending them.

There is another reason that somebody has not received your e-mails. They may have a very strong spam filter, so it would be advisable to check this with them before sending them e-mails if this is possible.
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I would like to find out if I have been blocked from someone's yahoo address book and email. Is there a way of finding this out?
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Yes, register you self for "" or "", and you will know for sure.
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Tell your friend to open his yahoo mail account. Go to options, then he will see "block addresses" link in the left column. Click this link. You will see list of blocked addresses. Find if your e-mail is in the list or not. He can also remove your name from the list. You will then be unblocked.
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Isn't there any other way? I know thats one of the way but I can't use it because he doesn't want to talk to me. Without communicationg him, can I know whether I have been blocked by him?
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If he block your email, you will be notify by postmaster with the message , email has not been sent" the second way is to use another id , use 3rd party software to check the status
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When you add an email address to your blocked email addresses list there is no notification sent to the blocked email address in question.

Whenever your blocked contacts send you a message, they will not receive a failure notice confirming their message was not delivered. Since the email in question will never arrive in your inbox, you will not know they have sent you a message. Ad if you are not unblocked I will suggest you to Create yahoo account

This works the same if someone has blocked you. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to help you!

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I think there is a smart way to ensure your email read by your boyfriend. Even your email was not blocked yet, but if your boyfriend won't answer, it would be the same.
The smart way is just forget to know whether your email has been blocked or not, use another email similar with your yahoo mail.
For example your first email
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When I try to sign in my yahoo account , I am not getting access. Who can I get access to my yahoo mail account ?
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