How Can I Make My Website Myself?


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You need to learn HTML to create a web page. It is not required since there are many tools and programs that will help you creating your web page on WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) mode. However, knowing some basic HTML code will help you in the long run.

You can use Frontpage (budled with MS Office) or Macromedia Dreamweaver.

You can also using blog engine just like Wordpress and Blogspot to create your website. You only need to type your content, click Publish button, and your webpage is online.
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First you need to get yourself a hosting company. I host all my web sites at

There you pay a small annual fee and they provide everything you need: web space, traffic, maintained servers, backup... everything.

The second step is to create the actual web site.

You could learn how to program (X)HTML/CSS/PHP/JavaScript/MySQL and upload the resulting project to the web space of your hoster.

Or you could ask your hosting firm to install a content management system (CMS) for you. For instance, I use three different CMS on the server of the guys at CMSimple for really small sites, Joomla for mid size sites and Typo3 for large sites.

I just call the guys, they install everything and all I have to do is put the content in (design, text, images...). That's it, the web site is launched.
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For someone without much Internet or computer experience, the prospect of designing a website can be quite daunting. Thankfully, there are options for building a website that suit every level of experience.

First, it is helpful to establish how you envision your website and its purpose. Is it a personal or business website? Do you simply wish to share information or photos, or do you want to sell products?

Many small businesses start with a simple one-page website, which serves as a 'billboard' for sharing information such as hours and contact details. If this is the kind of website you are after, some internet providers provide a free simple webpage along with your email account. Check the member services section of your provider's website to see if this is the case.

For a more sophisticated website - for instance, one that sells products - you may want to either design the website yourself or hire a designer. There are numerous books and courses available on designing websites. There is no shortage of website designers around either. In choosing a website designer, ask to see an online portfolio of websites they have designed. Better yet, get in touch with past clients. Also be clear on the cost of the project before it begins.

A final option is to become a member of a larger website. There are many websites that allow you to pay an annual fee in return for webpage(s) on the site in which to post your photos and text. You will have your own web address and often visitors to other parts of the site may view your pages, thus increasing traffic. Member websites are often devoted to special subjects in order that you can attract the right audience. For instance, there are websites devoted to professional networking, selling art, or simply sharing your life.
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Before knowing any CMS and Blog, I used to make my site using any WYSIWYG authoring software such as Frontpage and Dreamweaver. Currently, I prefer using any CMS available for free such as Drupal, Joomla or other CMS. For blogging, I use and wordpress blog engine installed on my own hosting. using CMS or Blog software, you can create your website in minute. You can create your content just like typing on word processor.

You don't need to know any HTML code, however understanding HTML and PHP language will help you much on your website development.
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Building your own website is not such a difficult task any more with numerous amounts of website builders flourishing the Internet, to help you that coveted website you always wanted to build.  Though most of them say that learning HTML is not important with websites being custom-made for you, it pays to learn basic HTML.  You can get a free HTML editor which can help you out. If you can manage to spend then for a few $30-$50 annually, you can build the website just the way you want it to be.

Some of the web site builders market their own free FTP client which makes it easy to upload your content and web files. Two of the important things that you need to keep in mind are a search-engine friendly domain name and a web hosting account. You can check for domain name and web hosting accounts at popular online sites like and
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You don't REALLY need to learn HTML though it's recommended and most sites will use it. You have a lot of easy alternatives like:

Wix (awesome site builder)
Moonfruit (same)
Sitebeans (templates)
Wordpress (all-in one site building)
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There are many resources online where you can learn how to make website. But I want to tell one thing which is it is very difficult to make website because it needs deep knowledge about the programming and designing. If you need website for your business then I want to suggest you to consult with a website designing company for developing professional website.

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Nice try. If you want to advertise with Blurtit, there's an "advertise" link at the foot of every page. You DON'T need a lot of skill to get started - my next-door neighbour, a C of E vicar has made a website and he knows NOTHING about programming.
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If you know enough to make a website then it would be good for you, otherwise there are some cheap web hosting services available through which you may host your website. I think the second option would be best for you.

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A website is a basic necessity for a business presence on the Internet, and hosting is required for each website. In the digital age, a company's website is a showcase for business. Whether it's an aggregator site filled with highly sophisticated technologies or a simple landing page with contact information, it must be physically hosted by a hosting provider.
Most hosting providers offer a similar basic set of services, while some specialize in less congested niche markets. Choosing the right VPS web hosting for your business will require analysis and careful study.

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