How Do You Build A Website?


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To build a website, you first have to plan the content that you want to put on your website. For this, you have to find the optimal niche for your website and find the correct keywords before choosing the idea for the website which will be the most profitable to you.

After deciding on the basic structure and the layout of the homepage of your website, you have to optimise the search engine feature which is a prominent feature of most websites these days. Web designing is a task that requires you to pay a great deal of attention to details so that it looks like the website has been designed by a professional and not by a beginner.

The most powerful tools at your disposal are the HTML codes. The next step is to make use of web graphic tools, choose your domain name, look for the website hosting which is the most economically viable option and search for the online website builders by logging on to the Internet.
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to create a website first one must have a unique idea for a topic you love good and you have the potential to make the content.
if you have all AC can take the 2nd step and it'll be simple, all you need to build your site technically you look on google, but to start with and adapt to the field you can start with the free platform to blogging (blogspot) with free template and easy to handle.
looking on google it had tones template and choose one that suitable with your subject.

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There are so many ways to build a website. If you want to build one by yourself without any technical knowledge then try a free website builder tool.

I recently used one that I found via a Google search, and found it extremely easy and comfortable to use. It also offered a lot of features like attractive designs, content, uploading of images and videos, photo gallery, SEO, monitoring, hosting, domain name purchase etc.

There are plenty to services to choose from. I actually work for a web development company myself (so check out my profile), and we just released an eclectic range of responsive web designs - specially for the smart end-users, and all absolutely free!

I'd also love to know what features the average user is interested in, so drop me a message if you ever want to chat about developing your own site!

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Telling you the truth, I normally use free website builders (here you may see the list I usually select from), and this is the easiest way to do that. By the way, the result is good enough :)

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Simply pick a good website builder and follow the steps it offers you. It couldn't be easier. The only difficulty you might face is choosing the suitable web-builder. My personal favorite is Strikingly, but it's just my opinion.  Here's a good article where you can read about the most popular website builders (including Strikingly). Hope it helps!

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Angela Adam, I completely agree with you, because I actually work for a web development company myself (so check out my profile)
And I can say that the only thing that helped me and my site was direct admin hosting, more accurate is that they're engaged in the selection of hosting

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I use ( Microsoft Front page )

with ( PhotoShop )

using some javaScript, and dynamic html

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