How do I start and build a website? What about building a web presence?


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There are may website builder sites you can use to build a website. Just Google Free Website Builders and you should get a list of them.

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Yo Kass
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It'd be great to hear if you have personal experience using any of these website builders ; -)

The first website I made used Wix and I thought that was a really easy and quirky builder.

I also heard that they've started incorporating Google AdSense now too!
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There are many ways to do this. I agree with comments above - the easiest and and the most accessible way is to use online website builders. Many website builders are absolutely free and provide wide opportunities.

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It is possible to use one of the simple website builders. This is a good choice, especially if you don't have much coding knowledge and programming skills. It is really easy to work with them. Also some of them are available for free. I'm sure you will be pleased with the result.

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