How to Build a Question and Answer Website Like Quora?


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Joann Levex , web and mobile app developer, answered

The whole concept of Q&A websites is based on the opportunity to exchange the content within a community. The content can contain external links, photos, GIFs, videos etc.
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you must first determine the site engine. That it will be the Word Press or something else. This is the main point and you will start from it. If it's WP, then the templates. If something else, then the options will be different. In Ward Press there will be extensions for such a site. But as practice shows, such services are mostly not based on templates.

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In general, the path with the templates is not the best. Such sites are many and they are not popular. You will need a website that will do. Those. You need web design and development company . They fully agree with you about your project and will provide a solution and an amount. This is the simplest way.

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