How to make website more beautifull when you desgin?How did you think about it according to following?


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You got to use your creativity and there should be a proper flow or rhythm in design. Take reference from some sources of your preference but don't copy them completely, that's the approach that one can use. Don't get frustrated if it takes time, to get a good design you have to work hard and smart as well !!
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The website can be made more beautiful by adding more videos, pictures and making it more interactive. One can also make the use of a forum in order make the website more interactive. A good web page design with pictures and animation will surely make the website more interactive and impressive.
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With just little effort you can turn your website a
masterpiece with visuals applets and special effects.

Here are some tips; follow them to make your website
more beautiful:

  • Make Your Website Easy to Navigate
  • Add some videos, visuals & relevant images
  • Site Should Be Fast Loading
  • Use theme base colors
  • Remember your purpose
  • Make your site search engine friendly
  • Keep Consistency

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