How Can I Reactivate My Yahoo Account?


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  • How can I reactivate my Yahoo Account?
Depending upon how and why your Yahoo account was accidentally deactivated you may not be able to reactivate it. If it was deactivated due to improper use of the Yahoo facilities then you definitely will not be able to reactivate it and will need to start from scratch with a new account.

If you accidentally deactivated it or did not use it for an extremely long time so the account expired simply try logging in again. Enter your username and password and you may be asked if you would like reactivate this account. If you are not asked this, it is unlikely you will be able to access the deactivated account.

There is also an option when you log in that allows you to click 'I can't access my account' and you should be able to reset your password and other security settings which may be why you cannot access your account.
  • Why was my account deactivated?

One of the main reasons for deactivation of Yahoo accounts is expiry. If you create an account but do not log in for 90 days, the account will expire. You will be sent emails to warn you of the expiration but obviously if you are not logging in, you will not receive these. If you are not a regular email user, it is a good idea to log into your email approximately once a month to check if you have received anything or any news from Yahoo and also to ensure your account does not expire.

You should be aware that re-activations can take up to 24 hours to process so you may not be able to login immediately.
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My yahoo account is not opening please help me
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I cannot access my yahoo acount now for the second day in a row. Why is that?

I have had this problem before this week.

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