Your Account Has Been Locked . Please Click "Forgot Password " To Start The Unlocking Process. (81003003)?


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• Things to consider

Unfortunately, you have not provided enough information for anybody to be able to help you; perhaps if you were to add details such as the technological equipment or program that you are having difficulties with, or repost the question after examining it yourself, you will gain a more adequate response with your query. Have you also tried using the code that has been given to find out what it corresponds to?

  • The use of passwords

Passwords in the use of technology is a brilliant way of ensuring that your account stays safe, and is not tampered with in any way by someone else without your knowledge.

Usually having to be at least six characters long, and containing a minimum of one number, passwords are never a completely fool proof system, but can be close if you choose one that is completely random, with no links or references to you or your life.

Upon registration with themselves, many companies ask you to provide a security question should you ever find that you have forgotten your password. These are questions that, ideally, only you will know the answer to, the most common inquiring things such as the name of your first pet, or the street that you grew up on. Providing the right answer allows the company to assume that you are who you claim to be, and so can start to help you access your account.

Should, however, you forget a password to do with your bank, then you will be required to contact them directly so that they can help you. You will probably be asked a range of detailed questions about yourself, to which you must give the correct answers. This is because access to your bank, obviously, equates access to your money, and if they were to allow anybody the ability to retrieve it, there would be serious consequences.

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