How Do I Get My Yahoo Account Back?


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The answer to this question very much depends on why you cannot access your Yahoo account. If you have simply forgotten your password and you provided Yahoo with an alternative email address when you first registered your account with them, you will be able to arrange for them to send you your details to the other address.

If someone has hacked your account there is nothing that you can do without the help of Yahoo.

In both instances you will have to give the Yahoo support team all of your details so that they are sure that it is you that they are dealing with, otherwise anybody could pretend to be anybody in order to get into other people's accounts.

This means that you will have to successfully answer the secret question that you were asked when you first registered with Yahoo.

If you have no emails in your account that you desperately need to access, it may be easier to open a brand new account. This does not take long to do but you need to consider how time consuming and awkward it will be to notify all your contacts that your address has changed. In fact, if you choose this route, you should think about how you are going to get the email addresses of all of your contacts.

Whatever you choose to do, whether it is to wait for the Yahoo support team to sort the situation out, or open a new account, take extra special care that nobody else can find out your password so you do not find yourself in this position again.
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Please help me retrieve my old yahoo account. I entered my ID and Password but it says invalid. I am confident that I didn't entered the wrong ID and password because I've been using for a long time already. Hope you can help me how to get it back. All my important contacts and documents are saved there.

Please advise.

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Delete my yahoo account
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If someone has hacked your username and password and changed it then you can't get it back until you talk to yahoo support team and give them your complete details of the account

If someone has only change the information in your account and not password then you can change the password and secret question. He will not be able to log in to your account again.
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You need to download again
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If you terminated the account it could take a year before you could apply for the same screen name. 

If it has been in disuse for a while, and you still know the screen name and the password you might be able to activate it again. I don't know the time period for that.

In this case, you would attempt a sign in and be prompted to reactivate the account. I have done this a few times.

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Once it is deleted, it is deleted. If you read the agreement that yahoo puts out when you first applied for the account, it says it in the small print.
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I have my profile but my account I can not get in to my yahoo mail I can nor get what can I do

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