My Facebook Account Is Deactivate How To Reactivate?


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You can use your email and password to reactivate a deactivated account. Facebook will block all your information and profile when you deactivate your account, but retains the information on their servers.

Simply by logging as you would before deactivation will reactivate your account. Your profile and all other information such as friends and photos will be restored completely. You will have to remember what log in you used before in order to reactive it.

To deactivate the account, follow these steps:
  • Go to account dropdown menu select Account Settings.
  • Select security.
  • Click on Deactivate the account.
  • Confirm
People will not be able to search for you or view your information in this setting.
For those who do not feel they will ever come back to Facebook a permanently deleted account with no recovery option can be obtained. If you took your account to this final step you will have to submit a request for the account to be permanently deleted. It does not say you cannot reform the account, but you would have to start from the beginning.

Facebook does not tell you if a permanently deleted account means you are banned from ever changing your mind and opening a new account. It just says all information will be permanently removed and no reactivation can be used.
However, if you have simply deactivated your account and forgotten your details you may not be able to get them sent to you in the normal fashion. The help link in Facebook does not say if you can use the forgot password option, but it seems most likely that you can as long as you follow the instructions and can answer the questions.
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Iam feeling very sorry that people are facing such kinda problem.. Of disabling of account..oh how poor they are... I kindly request fb please don't do like thid... At least reply back to their request and inform them what is their fault.. Plz accept my request.. B/c I have personaly met with such people I was dam sad , by knowing how poor they feel afterloosing their fb account..So I request Fb to do a kind act for those poor people.. Thanks a lot.. Have a nice day..
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The thing is you can't facebook doesnt care about there soo called customers there are too many people on facebook for them to just care about you, sorry. I hate facebook now. If you hate them to give a thumbs up
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Impossible since the facebook forkin never seem to respond nor care about their customers. Additionally, my account was disabled too (without a reason or a warning, just out of the blue), n the only thing they respond is "oh, your email is not associated with facebook," n when I respond that it is, they don't reply. Just wait for forkin facebook to b destroyed by another new networking website, n I'll b the one smiling.
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You can't reactivate your account. Believe me I tried! If facebook is not allowing you to get onto your account, simply make a new one and start over. It's hard to do at first because you have to find all of your friends again and restart the games, but lots of people have to because of this reason. You aren't alone.
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You just go to the loginpage of facebook and out in your name and password and you automatically are acctivated again.
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Well ive had that befor I type in the user and pass. Any way and it says its deactivated do you want to reactivate click yes and voila!
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I feel for you, but I have to say that you can't log back in that easily. You will have to sign up again for facebook. If you want to know whether you are still on facebook with the other account, search in the search box for it, but it probably wont still be there.
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I was grounded from tv and games for a week and when I came back my account was disabled. I didn't get any warning e-mails that I had voilated anything. and I followed all the rules. I have looked all over but I can't find out how to reactivate my account. Sorry.
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Just sign in again and a conformation E-mail will be sent to your inbox( hotmail/ yahoo). It's that easy..
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They have to have an area where you can contact them. Look for that, and leave a message with them, or look for an 800 number in the terms of use, or the privacy area of the site. Hope this helps, good luck to you.

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