How Do You Unblock A Website?


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O.k you are trying to go to a website and when you enter it a red ex be on their, how can I get that off
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At times when we try to browse to particular website, but can't and it gets blocked and a message appears. It is quite a tricky task to unblock sites, try to visit the website via your home page or any other website which has not been filtered.

After that thoroughly check the website for improper content by browsing a few pages and follow more than a few links from different pages. If these links take you to websites outside the website you are visiting, make sure you evaluate the content of this new website.

Try sending a message to your buildings Tech Support Account along with basic information like Site, Folder, Start Date, End Date and Reason. This message will request the unblocking of the of content and thus you will be able to view the webpage.

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