How Do You Unblock Internet Access At A School That Has Certain Websites Blocked Without Using A Proxy Or An Anonymizer?


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Help I want 2 go on facebook. But I'm in junior n its blocked. PLEASE HELP
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I do not believe that there is anyway you could unblock internet access at your school because your school probably has its internet service connected with various firewalls. You have to have a special code or permission from the computer administrator to unblock internet access at your school.

However, you may try downloading another browser onto the school computer. You can download something like Foxfire and then you may be able to access websites that are normally blocked by your school.

If the computers are all going into one main server, the downloaded browsers may or may not work.

Schools tend to put blocks on most websites that are controversial in nature or not educational for the students. The best way to get around this is to just obey the school rules and go to the websites that are blocked at school when you get home and get logged on to your own personal computer.
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Yeah but there's no reason that when we have nothing to do at school and all our work is done, that we shouldnt be able to check our Myspaces or anything.....
im mean my school even blocks im in high school!
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There is one reason why schools block certain websites. And that is for our safety! Though it p*sses me off most of the time but still I can understand why they block game websites as some pupils never do any work at all!

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