How Can I Delete All My Websites In My Address Bar?


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You can press and hold down the control button on the key board. Then with that held down, you press H,which pulls up the history with out going into any other folders. When it comes up it says the history for the day, week ect. You can click on the days/weeks and select delete. That should do it.
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Delete history
change the home page option
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Open Internet explorer and go to tools menu> Internet options> click on clear history.
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Deleting all the website address from the address bar is not as difficult as it sounds. To clear all website address from address bar, first you need to open internet explorer. Above the address bar you can find the menu bar. In this bar you can see File, Edit, View, Insert, Favorite, Tools and Help.

On the menu bar you need to click on "Tools". You will be able to see the contents of "Tool" menu. In those contents you will see "internet options". You need to click on that option. Then you will see a window pop up. In that window you fill find the 'history' section. You need to click on "Clear History". After you have clicked on "Clear History", try checking the address bar. You will find that all the addresses have been deleted.
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