I accidently deleted my favorites tool bar, how do I get it back?


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Hopefully you may be in luck and you haven't actually deleted your favorites tool bar, but simply unticked or disabled it.

If this is the case, then you simple need to click on the 'View' option situated on the top of your browser. Once clicked you should see an option for 'Tool bars'; click on this. You should see that the favorites toolbar is currently unticked, this means it will not show up, therefore click on it to tick it and it should re-appear.

This procedure may slightly vary depending on what browser you are currently using, however there should always be an option for tool bars situated in the 'View' menu.

  • Why use tool bars?
Tool bars are a great way of creating shortcuts to your most visited or most important websites or webpages. They are usually situated just below your address bar or down one side of your browser page. A simple click on one of the web addresses included on the toolbar and you will be instantly taken to that site.

  • The security risk of tool bars
Although tool bars are very useful, they can also pose a danger to your online security. If you are using a shared computer, or if the unfortunate thing happens and your computer is stolen, then a person may be able to click on your shortcut to your online banking.

If your password is automatically saved, like many are, then they could gain access to some very personal details. Therefore it is always advised to avoid adding any banking or PayPal type accounts to your favorites tool bar.

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