Old mobile phones are like kisses from Grandma: you'd rather forget they happened. What's your embarrassing list of the mobile phones you've owned?


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My first ever phone was a Motorola c520. I got it for my birthday in 1999. It could only send texts that were shorter than the Twitter count and could make phone calls. That was it! But, I freakin' loved it.

Second was the famous Nokia 3210. Purchased second hand from a friend in 2000, I remember being bowled over by the silent function and the fact I could change fascia's ! What a revolution!

After this, it was the Philips Savvy, with its key features being an amazing game that predicted your mood and love life and things like that.

I then went to a Sagem MW 3020. This was the most random phone I think I ever owned. It sent texts had a very early version of mobile called WAP. Plus, it was tiny and weighed nothing (I often lost it!).

As 2004 rolled around, I upgraded to the Nokia 3310 (haha), and this was the time that I first fell victim to a serious Snake addiction. Man. What a game.

I jumped forward with the Nokia 6230 in 2005 and then, 18 months later, upgraded to the 6230i. These phones were the first ones I owned that had video capability (albeit 30 seconds at a time!)

After my 6230i packed in 2 years later, I owned a Nokia E65. This sliding phone was my first smartphone. For the first time, I was able to send email from my phone, take higher quality pics and browse the internet. It was rubbish though, and malfunctioned within 6 months.

Because of the crappy E65, I lost faith in the smartphone idea, and went back to old skool, this time getting the simple (and my only candybar phone) Nokia 6300. I had this phone from 2006-2009, and it never let me down. It was the last brilliant Nokia I owned.

2009 came around and, with all the hype about iPhones and Blackberry's, I decided to ditch the ole reliable Nokia and bought...another Nokia! Ha! I wasn't ready to part with the brand I had been so loyal to for so long. I bought the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. It was my first touch screen phone and it came with a freakin' stylus! It was also the first time I encountered apps (albeit crap ones from the Ovi Store!) I remember choosing this over the iPhone 2G because it was dubbed 'the iPhone killer'...boy did I eat humble pie!

The phone lasted just over a year before the plastic touch screen died and the buttons stopped working. It was a really rubbish phone.

Summer of 2010, I parted ways with Nokia after almost a decade of enjoying their phones, and bought the iPhone 3GS. Everything else faded into obscurity. It was love at first sight.

I still have my 3GS. 3 wonderful years of reliable, solid phone use. I can't imagine a time where apps and internet browsing and tweeting didn't exist. Sadly, the phone is starting to fall apart a bit. I've lost my power button, the charging dock is a bit cracks and it's gotten really slow in the last 6 months.

With my birthday around the corner, I've dropped some iPhone 5 hints to my fiance! Fingers crossed.

What's YOUR mobile phone history? Don't be shy...break out the bricks!

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Ha ha ha... This is a good one.  Ahem!  Embarrasing you say?  Well, they were pretty awesome back then!

OK.  Here I go.

My first "embarrasment" was the Ericsson GH337
I had it for a few years, changing the antennae every once (meaning "many times") in a while. 

When I came to Spain, my first mobile was the Nokia 3210.

Luckily it was stolen soon after I bought it.

So I switched to a Siemens S45.

Same thing but lasted quite longer!  Nobody was interested in stealing it, I guess...

And after this, well...

The LG VX5300 (First and last LG)

Motorola PEBL in Black. 

My favorite color by the way.  Although the "PEBL" concept was too literal.  Heavy as a rock!

Sony Ericsson K770i and then the G900:

Story: My kid licked the slot of the K770i and the microphone and other things just stopped working. I had to buy a new mobile... Fast!

And my last "embarrasing unsmart phone" was a Samsung Onix.
My mom still has it.  I only used it for a year so it's still working.

Wow!  What a list!  There's a lot of history in there.

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Virginia Zuloaga
Virginia Zuloaga commented
Hi Kathryn! Sometimes I just think, how could we live without mobiles before? Or phones? Or TVs?

Now, I can't imagine living without Whatsapp! (OK. I might be exaggerating a bit, but still...)
Kathryn Wright
Kathryn Wright commented
Tell me about it! I send hundreds of messages a day. I'm pretty sure I have RSI from texting too much!
Virginia Zuloaga
Virginia Zuloaga commented
Ha ha ha! I had to look the RSI up!
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Yo Kass answered

Motorola c520

I also started my affair with cell phones using a Motorola c520.

I was given it when I first started taking public transport to school (it had its own pocket in my backpack), in case the bus I was travelling on rolled into a ditch and trapped all us passengers under tonnes of mangled and smouldering metal.

I remember my mum calling me on the way home, and being certain all my fellow passengers were looking on with astonishment as I raised the antenna of the device like some sort of wizard.

Nokia 3410

It felt like a long wait till my next phone. My Nokia 3410 was a bit of a revolution for me, because it coincided with me hitting the age where I didn't really want people calling my house and speaking to my mum before they could get hold of me.

I remember this phone having some sort of weird ringtone-making program that allowed you to create terrible custom jingles using the keypad. In retrospect, this could be seen as my first foray into electronic music.

This phone also had the popular game Snake II pre-installed.

Due to my fat fingers, I was terrible at it - but I remember my sister filling up almost the entire screen with the low-res serpent. To this day I still think she broke some sort of record.

Nokia 3200

Interestingly, I also developed an affinity to Nokia products - and my next phone was a really impressive piece of kit.

"Wait let me just take a photo of that ... I know that's my phone, but wait.. What's this? Only a freakin' CAMERA on my phone!"

That's right, the Nokia 3200 was my first ever camera phone. It was my first ever color phone too - and God, did I love parading it about. You could customise the case, take blurry photos - and take even blurrier photos using night-vision!

In fact, my one main memory of that phone's camera was trying to take a night-vision photo of the Colosseum in Rome, and not being able to get far away enough to make the photo look like it was anything other than a weird smudge of colors.

Motorola Razr

This was the first phone I got when I moved away from home, and I was besotted with it. It flicked open and shut like a flick knife, no-one could believe how thin it was, and I'm getting a weird tide of nostalgia sweeping over me writing this, just thinking of all the fun times I had with my trusty Razr.

Sony Ericsson K800i CyberShot

What sold me on this phone was obviously the 3.2 megapixel camera. I was tired of taking blurry photos - and this was a good solution.

It was a sturdy and reliable phone from what I remember, but I don't actually recall that much about it. Either because it was slightly unremarkable, or perhaps because that period of my life is slightly fuzzy.

Nokia XpressMusic 5800

One of my favorite phones. Yes, the iPhone 2 may have technically been superior - but this phone came with a free guitar pick to use on some sort of Guitar Hero-type game: How rock'n'roll is that?

The stylus took some getting used to, and I had to buy a few replacements which was annoying - but it looked cool and novelty of being able to download apps was another plus.

This was also the first phone that I could "properly" browse the internet on - and although we were still lingering in the days of unresponsive design, it's an experience I'll never forget thanks to some of those data consumption charges.

iPhone 3GS

I'd had enough of people banging on about how great the iPhone was - and almost didn't get one on principle. But once I messed around with a 3GS that a friend owned, I was sold.

I've had my 3GS for ages now - and the fact that it's still working and still completely relevant is testimony to how advanced and ahead of its time it was when it came out.

My 3GS has seen me through some interesting times - and I honestly dread to think what life would be like without it. Just the thought of leaving the house without it makes me feel queasy!

Next phone?

I really don't know where to go with my next phone. To be honest, I can't see myself straying from the usability of the iPhone.

However, there aren't really any handsets out at the moment that really excite me. The iPhone 5 is the a strong candidate, but it doesn't seem like as much of a revolutionary step as previous phones.

The notion of a Facebook phone unnerves me, so I don't think I'll be going down that route. Samsung and HTC offer large screen models, which is appealing considering how much I use my phone... But, for personal use, I just can't see the benefit of switching from iOS to android!

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Kathryn Wright , Online business Manager, answered

I haven't had lots of cell phones, mainly because I have always had them on contract.

As I was an active teenager, I was generally out of the house a lot, wither climbing, walking, canoeing or skating, my parents got me a mobile when I was just 14 years old. It's so normal now to have a mobile from age 10 or so, but in 1995, none of my other friends had one.

I originally had an NEC phone *cringes* it was huge and had an antenna! The screen was black and you could only read one line of text at once. The phone was huge and dictated what sort of bag you could use. Teenagers would be shocked to know that you could not text people on other networks until about 1995. I figured out that by going into your phones message settings, that you could change the BT cellnet message centre number to that of Vodafone's to force the message through - dedication! Text messages also cost 12p including

VAT as there were very few competitive price plans in the mid 90's, so it was easy to run up massive phone bills accidentally!

I made my mum swap phones with me for a short time as I wanted to customise my ringtone! So I had the Sony Ericsson G9 for a little while. To make the ringtone, you have to actually key the notes in manually. For example F# GGABDAC. Seems so antiquated now!

Then, as common as Friends being on Channel 4 in 1998, I had the good old Nokia 5110. Amazing battery life, and it had snake on it. Incredible. I remember this still being really inconvenient with regards to handbags etc due to the antenna.

Then I got a Nokia N95, which I really liked! It had a huge screen and was small enough to fit in your pocket.

The rest of the list isn't as funny as they are fairly standard Blackberry and iPhone. Remembering the older phones is great fun, and definitely makes me grateful that progress in design and electronics is always moving forward. I just hope they bring out a phone like the one in Zoolander soon!

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Lily Bradic answered

I wish I could remember all the phones I've owned, or even what the first one was - I end up breaking them so often, and my memory's terrible.

Nokia 3410

I remember the Nokia 3410 being a good solid phone, and the battery lasted ages, too.

Battery-life is something we used to take for granted, really - I recently had to use a cheap Samsung that only did texts and calls, and after getting used to an iPhone, I was astonished that the battery lasted weeks.

Nokia 7600

I got this because it was a weird shape. It wasn't a bad phone, actually, you just couldn't fit it in your pocket very easily!

Texting was difficult because the buttons were completely flat, not because of the position of the keypad. Wouldn't really recommend this one!

Sony Ericsson W810

I don't remember what phones I had in between - there was a clamshell-design one - but the next one I remember really liking was the Sony Ericsson W810.

I still have it in a drawer somewhere now, and it used to get an annual outing when I'd take it to festivals (the battery cover doesn't stay on anymore, but I'd rather that than lose something more expensive)!

After that, I think I got my first Android phone - I can't remember what it was, though.

My most recent phones have been:

  • HTC Desire
  • Samsung Galaxy SII
  • iPhone 4S (twice)

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Yo Kass
Yo Kass commented
Wow that Nokia 7600 looks like a frisbee!

I know what you mean about battery life - a couple of months ago I kept hearing a beeping sound in our living room and couldn't find where it was coming from...

Turns out it was an old emergency pay-as-you-go Nokia I'd used when I sent my iPhone in for repairs. It was beeping to let me know the battery was dying after months of being on (albeit not used).
Christian Bell-Young
I don't think I've ever seen the 7600 before! That is mental!! Clearly Nokia blacked out when the ergonomics meeting was being held! lol
Virginia Zuloaga
Virginia Zuloaga commented
Hahaha... The 7600 looks like an ET phone (from 1982!). How did you manage to talk? I sometimes - on emergencies or trips outside Spain - have to use my 7" tablet to talk and people look at me strangely. I understand them... I must look pretty weird!

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