What Kinds Of Features Do Mobile Phones Have Nowadays?


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Mobile phones are constantly changing. The most common feature is a VGA or mega pixel camera (depends what model you have). Video capture and messaging is now also available on most mobile phones. The length of the video depends on what model you have.

Video calling is also available on some mobile phones. Most phones have games and allow users to add new games by downloading them. Some mobiles allow users to record their conversations or a piece of speech, and there is also the option to place a call on loudspeaker.

Other features include radio, mp3 players (users can download songs to their mobile phones and use them as their ring tone), internet features, organiser (including a calendar, alarm clock, stopwatch etc), wallpaper and screen saver options.
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Mobiles phones are almost like computers now. They have so many features that the user most of the time wouldn't know all. The camera and video recording are the most common features these days. You can also surf the net and a lot of phones also have an entire library of songs. MP3 players are also getting very common in mobile phones now a days. You can also transfer data to and from mobile phones to computers. A lots of other research is happening as I type to further enhance this gadget that can be said to be one of the most popular in today's times.
Mobile phones are improving every day. Many of the phones today have picture and video capabilities. They have different ring tones and you can download your music.
You can receive the latest world news; with a click of a button you can receive e-mail also.
All cell phones have the capability in an emergency to call 911 or you can put in this code *3370# and that will recharge your phone 50%. Another tidbit is, if you lock your keys in your car you can open a car door with a cell phone by calling your home and holding your phone by your lock, the person at home presses the extra key tab you have at home and abracadabra it opens.
For free information calls from your cell you would dial
To prevent any one from stealing your phone and or reselling it there is a solution. Get your phone's serial #
Write it down and keep it with your cell phone important papers. To get the phone serial put this number *#06#a15.
This brings up the serial # and you give that number to the cell phone company and the will cut off everything on that phone rendering it useless to use or resell.
Cell phones are great, I gave one to my mother and now she can keep in contact with all her children nights and week-ends. Also when her electricity goes out the cell still works.

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