What Is The Difference Between Mobile Phone And Cell Phone?


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There is no difference, just language use, which differs from country to country, so in Britain it is called a mobile, and in USA and South Africa and other places a cell phone.
Even in Europe the name differs. The Germans call it a "handy", which in English has completely another meaning as an adjective, meaning useful.
In Italy it is called a telofonino or "little phone".
This difference in British and American English is also evident in many other things we use every day, like lifts and elevators,nappies and diapers, pickups and trucks. The list goes on and on, any student of English has to decide which he or she will use, as the default setting.
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There is a different explanation for that though... Mobile phones were introduced in the 1970's for use in cars that were powered by batteries that weight 100 lbs or more. Since these were used in automobiles, they are called mobile phones.

Today's handheld devices are mostly called cell phones that include flip, flat, smart, and all other types!
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