What Is The Difference Between Bluetooth And Infrared In A Mobile?


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Bluetooth operates using radio waves while infra-red communication works on fast pulses of light. If you have to send data from one mobile to the other using infra-red technology, you will have to keep both the mobiles facing each other. In other words the sensors of both the devices must be in each other's immediate line of sight.

If something comes in the way of the two mobiles devices, the message or data will not pass through. Bluetooth technology however can pass through walls. You can send messages, data files, audio- files, video-files etc from your mobile to the other person in the next room, as long as the other mobile is within the radius of 10 meters. Infrared also only works between two devices at a time while Bluetooth can work with as many as mobile devices as you want.
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Infrared and Bluetooth are terms most mobile phone users are familiar with. The basic difference between an infrared and a Bluetooth is that an infrared basically uses extremely fast pulses of light while a Bluetooth primarily operates by using radio waves.

In the case of an infrared, it is imperative that both devices' sensors are in each others' sight. For instance most people experience this if they have ever tried to use their DVD remote control and cannot if there's something or someone standing in the way. On the other hand a Bluetooth isn't limited by this; to the contrary it even works is the devices are separated by walls. In addition an Infrared only works between two devices at a time, while a Bluetooth can work between multiple devices.
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Bluetooth allow both uni-cast and multi cast
Infrared work only in point-to-point
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