What Is The Difference Between Wifi Technology And Bluetooth Technology?


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Bluetooth and WiFi are both wireless technologies that use radio frequency (RF) waves to create networks, but they’re used for fundamentally different purposes. Bluetooth’s main purpose is to temporarily link an individual’s personal devices together over short distances, while WiFi’s purpose is to link multiple computers together over longer distances.
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Blue Tooth is technology that only supports transfer of data within specified range in point to point devices. However wireless fidelity is a devices that support fastest data transfer without any boundaries.
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Here are -the differences between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:
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Bluetooth technology is used to transfer any kind of data but it has some limitation that if the two electronic devices are out of range than it will not work while wifi is a wireless technology that has no limitation while processing. This is a basic definition of both.
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Wifi is a wireless system that is universally used for getting on the internet. It is available in hot spots in airports or in work areas. you can also get wi-fi by setting up a router in your home through a cat 6 cable. On the other hand, Bluetooth is a wireless system that allows the communication of 2 Bluetooth enabled devices to transfer virtually anything. This technology has replaced the IrDa, or infrared wireless tech. Bluetooth is much faster and has a longer connectivity range. Bluetooth can also be use in cell phone headsets, and wireless headphones to create a "wire free" environment.

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