How Do I Change The Ringtone On My Bluetooth Headset?


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It depends on your bluetooth software, general procedures go...

Start by linking your Bluetooth on the computer:
1. Select tools, connections, bluetooth, setup, find me on the phone.
You will get a "discoverable for 60 seconds" message

2. On the computer use your Bluetooth software to "Find" or "discover" blue tooth devices.

3. By default your phone will be identified as "vs610"

4. Click on the "Link to" option in your software and click "yes" on the message allowing link up.

5. The default pin for link up is 0000. Enter the same key in your software.

Now they are linked..or should be.

Next: Find the file transfer option in your software and send the ring tones to "My Stuff, sounds on the phone.

That's it! Don't forget that ring tones cannot exceed 15 sec in length. Use a sound editor to trim up music and to send them to the phone as an mp3 file.

You can get a free editor called "Audacity" on the web and you will also need the plug in (also free) called "Lame-3.96.1

None of it is hard.
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