How do I put my edited Westlife song as my iPhone ringtone? I've made the 20 second version but don't know to put it on for some reason?


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Hi Addi,

Have you made the 20-second version as an AAC file using iTunes on your computer or Mac? If so, try this:

How To Make Ringtones For An iPhone

  1. Assuming you've made an AAC file of the 20-second version (which I'm guessing you have, if you've managed to cut the song down to the length you'd like it to be), right-click on the song in iTunes and click "show in finder" (Mac) or "Open in Windows Explorer" (PC).
  2. If the file extension says ".m4a", rename the file and replace the ".m4a" with ".m4r". On a Mac, you can rename a file by right-clicking and selecting "Get info" from the menu. Save as ".m4r".
  3. Delete the shortened version from your iTunes library.
  4. Double-click the ".m4r" version to load it into your iTunes. It should come up as a ringtone.
  5. Sync your iPhone.
  6. The 20-second version of your song should appear as a ringtone on your iPhone. You can find this by going into "settings" and then "sounds".
Instructions may vary, depending on which version of the iPhone you're using. Good luck, and I hope this works for you!

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Lily Bradic
Lily Bradic commented
Hm, why can't it locate the file? What did you save it as? I might be able to help! Also, which iPhone do you have, and do you use a mac or a PC?
Adila Adila
Adila Adila commented
Just say's it can't be found but its right there! When I click on it to sync doesn't allow me too. I saved it as the m4r...

I have an iPhone 4S, and I use a PC... (Thanks!)
Lily Bradic
Lily Bradic commented
Last resort, as I can't explain this to you without showing you the screen that you'll see - try this as it's got screen-caps. If I wasn't using a mac, I'd have taken screenshots myself for this answer!

I've got a 4S too :)

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