How Do I Use My Griffin ITrip? Just Bought One Unboxed But There's No Instructions With It. For Some Reason When Ached To My IPod It Has US In The Top Left Hand Corner. I Don't Know If This Is A Country Reference Or Not. I Am In The UK.


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The specific "how-to" depends on the model of iTrip, as there have been lots of different types (just as there have been lots of different types of iPods), but the concept goes like this:

1. Connect iTrip to your iPod.

2. Tune the iTrip into an EMPTY radio frequency. You need to find a radio frequency that normally sounds of static, because you're going to use that frequency for your own mini radio station (ie: Your iPod).

3. Tune your FM radio into that frequency.

Manuals and support for specific models of iTrip can be found here:

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Hi There, thank you so much!
I just bought the same thing and had no idea how to use it.
This was extremely helpful....

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