Why Is There A Eye With A Negative Sign At The Bottom Of My Internet Screen?


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It would be helpful to know what browser your using. An eye would mean something watching. I can only assume your anti-virus/spyware or something of that nature is disabled.
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On MS Internet Explorer this eye is telling you certain cookies have been blocked. Double click on the eye and it will open up a box where you can observe either just the blocked cookies or all the cookies which have been downloaded to your system.
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It is you Microsoft firewall telling you it has stopped some cookies from a site.
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Is it very bad if it has one?
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No, it is a good sign. Your firewall or pop up blocker is working well.
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It probably means that your computer has a virus or something is wrong with it.
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It's big brother! Or maybe Aliens oh no!! No just kidding that is weird! Interesting. Is it an eye or a circle w/ a line through it? I ask cause I saw that on mine but it wasn't an eye thats what mine was! Q
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When ever I go or search a freemasons site or search illuminati.. That eye appears at the bottom of my internet explorer..  
I got that eye on the pron site to.. The website was xvideo dot com and I was shock and then I came to know that they are collecting data about diffrent stuff to know the nature of the internet users and then control them to implement there new world order.
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Privacy report on the bottom of computers with the eye what does it mean
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It's probably something to do with the site here, as there is the option of watching questions that you can watch. Hope this helps.

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