How Can I Display The Task Bar At The Bottom Of The Screen?


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Yes. Please continue expand the task bar to the end and you will move it any way. Try it. I just found it.
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It is very simple. Follow the following steps if your task bar disappeared.
1: Press ctrl+esc.
2: Right click on the blue space near the bottom of your start menu.
3:click properties.
4: A new window will appear. Under taskbar tab, you will see some options. Uncheck "Auto hide the taskbar".
5: Press OK.
If your task bar is at any other side of screen instead of bottom then move your coursor on the taskbar and press and hold the left mouse button and drag it away from the side of the screen and drop it at the bottom.
Right click on the taskbar, go to properties and check the Lock The Taskbar item and press OK.
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My task bar has appeared suddenly at top of screen and when i try to drag it to the bottom as suggested it all does is expand the task bar. Any suggestions?

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That won't work.. What can I do? Besides the above

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