How Do I Minimize The Size Of The Screen?


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Vikash Swaroop answered
To minimize the size of screen the process is quite easy and when you are opening any file on computer you will find that there are three options on the top part of the right hand side of the screen. The options include a '_' sign and two other signs also. What you will have to do is to click on the minus sign and your screen will automatically be reduced to its minimum.

The other two signs are there to restore the file and the other is to close the file. Even if you have no idea what these signs do you do not have to worry. When you take your cursor to the sign they themselves will show you the effect that can happen when you click on them. So use the intelligence of the computer and use it to its optimum efficiency.
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Lovika Grover answered
To minimize the size of the screen, you need to check at the top of your window. Now check with the rightmost corner of your window. There are three icons given on the top of your window. One is a cross or a multiplication sign, the other is a underscore sign, and the third is having two boxes one over the other. To minimize the size of the screen, click on the sign that indicates the double boxes. This will help you to minimize the screen size. In order to maximize it back, you need to click on the same icon again.

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