How Can I Change My Layout On My Yahoo Page?


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Stuti Ahuja answered
It is easy to change your layout on the yahoo page. With the help of the change Layout option, one can rearrange content on the page and move modules on a "My Yahoo" page. There is an option to change the content on your page by using the "Change Layout page" option. To change the layout of your yahoo page, follow these simple steps. Select the "Change Layout option" which is located on top of the page right next to the "Tutorial" option. The change Layout Diagram will appear on the bottom of the page.

By operating the diagram correctly you can change the page layout and the modules. If you wish to change the location of a module, you should first select the module and then change its position by clicking on the up or down arrows in the diagram. You can also move the modules between the narrow columns on your page.

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