Can My System Administrator See My Internet Visited Site On His System Through Server?


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Faisal Bhatti answered
Yes your network administrator sure can see all the sites you have been visiting. A log is usually maintained in the server of your network by which your network administrator can see the sites visited by the client computers.
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Yes your administrator has full rights to keep an eye on what each user is doing its like some of the rules and regulation of the companies that beyond some limits you are not suppose to do a particular task.
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Madbiker McMad answered
You should assume that your system administrator can see all sites that you are visiting. It is quite common for companies and universities to have filters and logging in place, to block access to certain sites and to record what you are doing.

This is spying, technically, but the justification for it is litigation limitation (companies taking responsibility for their employees' actions whilst at work) and to ensure proper use of company resources.

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