What Is Internet Addressing System & Internet Protocols?


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  • These terms are referring to an IP address, which basically allows a computer to interact and communicate with another device through the internet. The IP address stands for Internet Protocol, which you mentioned, and it is a specific set of four numbers administered to each digital device in order to communicate with other computers.
  • In more detail an IP is essentially a set of guidelines that control overall online activity, allowing the web to function in a certain way so individuals using the internet can access websites and so on. The address is used to identify participating devices and various websites etc on the internet. As I mentioned before, an IP address is a set of four numbers that are separated by a full stop in between. Having these four numbers allows internet users to send and receive data with other digital devices, therefore without it, information could not be sent to any other internet destinations.
  • There are two types of IP address and they include dynamic or static. A dynamic IP address is a provisional number that is used and changed every time a computer or digital devices logs on to the internet. In order for this to happen, the temporary IP address is basically grabbed from a selection of addresses and used for the duration of internet time at that moment.
  • A static IP address is a set of permanent numbers that allows remote digital devices to constantly contact your computer. You will notice that a static IP address will identify the continent, the country, region as well as the city in which your computer is situated.

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