What Are Different Addressing Schemes Used On Internet?


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As internet is a network of networks, it basically also consists of network nodes like computers. All these devices are interconnected to communicate with each other.
Each device in a network must have a unique address to be identified. This address makes this device unique on that network and any other computer or device can communicate with it by using this specific address.There are two major types of addressing schemes that are used in the internet environment:

1. IP addressing
2. DNS addressing
In the IP addressing scheme IP stands for internet protocols. IP is a number or value that is used to uniquely identify a computer on the internet. It is a 32-bit value and this number/value can be divided into four different sections. All these sections are separated by a period. As each section is of 8 bits thus, it can represent a value in the range of 0 to 255.

Each section is known as an octet.Each time a computer is connected to the internet, it is assigned a specific IP address dynamically by the ISP.The DNS stand for domain name system. Unlike the IP addressing scheme in this addressing scheme text is used instead of numbers. It is easier to remember than IP address.
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Two addressing schemes are used in computer. One is IP addressing and other is DNS addressing scheme. In IP addressing scheme internet service providers (ISP) assign a unique id to each computer. This IP address is not static as every time you will get a new id from ISP.

DNS is known as Domain name Server, system or service. Its purpose is to translate domain names into IP addresses. Whenever we use a domain name, then a service is used for translating domain names into IP addresses and is known as DNS. For example, the domain name www.computer-games.com might translate to So what DNS did in above example as it translated the Domain name "computer-games" into corresponding IP address.

If one DNS server does not know how to translate the particular domain name it asks another DNS server and this process continued until the correct IP address is returned. As in above example, if one domain server does not know how to translate www.computer-games.com then it will move to another DNS until the corresponding IP address is returned. DNS scheme uses alphabets and it is easier to remember, but actually each domain name has an address and DNS scheme is used to convert this domain name into its corresponding address.
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