What Are The Uses Of Internet In Teaching And Learning?


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There are several advantages for the use of Internet in Teaching and Learning. It is a important teaching tool because of the following advantages:

Teaching can be done from a distance. Before the internet was devised the teacher and the students had to be in the same classroom and then only could a class be conducted but now due to the internet, the lectures can be delivered online and several students from different parts of the city can take advantage of the lectures at the same time.

Also, due to internet boundaries have broken down, lectures delivered by professors in one country can be heard by students sitting in another country.

Also, many people study while they are working, they can go to work throughout the day and listen to the lectures in the evening on the internet. Internet has benefited persons who have to work and study simultaneously tremendously.

It also is a boon if one is ill and cannot attend lectures the lectures can be heard on the internet when one feels better, this way no one misses classes etc.

Homework is submitted via internet

There is a treasure trove of information on the internet on a wide range of topics, therefore everyone has access to information thanks to the internet.

Paper wastage has reduced otherwise one had to write journals by the dozen, due to internet, homework, journals are sent via internet, which saves tons and tons of paper thereby saves trees from being felled and prevents pollution.

Learning for the students is much more interesting on the internet rather than books because there are pictures, stories and a wide range of information.

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