What Is The Impact Of Internet On Higher Education?


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The internet presents the potential to transform the traditional models of higher education, in particular the delivery of course materials and interaction with associated resources. The higher educational institutions wish to make use of the Internet to deliver e learning initiatives. E learning has made it possible for universities to make profits from new prospective students and at the same time has given them a global presence.
Various cases of e-learning, utilize internet to support educational communication between students and teachers. The mechanism of higher educational institutions has changed strategically with the introduction of information communications technology. Universities have experienced a shift from face to face to a virtual environment.
The role of faculty would shift to bring to par with the new e learning environment. The concept of the virtual teacher may eventually replace the traditional lecturer. However, the role of a teacher as a facilitator for learning experience will remain vital for the effective delivery of e learning projects.
Online teaching tools, such as virtual lectures and e libraries assist in providing a more effective education. The learning environment can be created outside lecture hall where students can be provided with a model of how to become independent learners. Students will have the ability to communicate with classmates, teachers and access online materials regardless of time and location.
Advanced Internet technology has the potential of having major effects on the way a higher education system is designed, implemented and delivered. The demand for learning has increased in this day and age. This combined with a need for a geographically unrestricted presence may prompt more colleges to introduce e learning initiatives.
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