List Out The Advantages Of E-commerce


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List and briefly explain FIVE  advantages of e-commerce
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E-commerce refers to the use of Internet or other computer networks for trade of products and services.
The Advantages of E-commerce include:
- Lower transaction cost
- Online business operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
- Increase in volume of Purchases.
- Variety in modes of Shopping
- Improved relations with customers.
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1. Easy to maintain
2. Not much labour work
3. Good online support
4. Many free Ecommerce software, modules, extensions and templates available
5. The internet is the place where most people spend a lot of time
6. Easy to target customers online by Google Ads, Facebook Ads and many others.
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This will be helpful :

1. Increasing the business reach

2. Increase in the numbers of customers/visitor

3. Increase in sales and ease in payment procedure too.

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Ecommerce help us to buy product easily without going anyware!!! I love the magento CMS to develop websites.

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I just want to say it's very convenient,stay at home you can get what ever you want,I love it!

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