What Is Disadvantage Of Ecommerce?


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E-commerce poses both advantages and disadvantages. Although Advantages are of greater extent but then Disadvantages also come in sometimes.
E-commerce doesn't allows to check the products physically, We can see the picture of product but we cannot examine the original product which is going to be delivered to us and even when goods delivered are defective then their returning process can also be hectic and it can include difficulties like Who will be paying for shipping changes and how will refund be received. Apart from that, Security in E-commerce shopping is also an issue like Credit card security. Apart from that delivering of goods can be sometimes a disputed process i.e., Supplier delivers goods but consumer doesn't receives it and still gets charged. All these things are overcomes in real time commerce, However, even real time commerce isn't free from disadvantages,
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Yes of course you are right! But also think that the genuine service provider are also available right this time.
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