Can You Identify The Seven Unique Features Of ECommerce Technology And Explain How These Features Set ECommerce Apart From More Traditional Ways Of Conducting Commercial Transactions?


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Is ubiquitous (available everywhere, all the time)

Offers global reach  (across cultural/national boundaries)

Operates according to universal standards (lowers market entry for merchants and search costs for consumers)

Provides information richness (more powerful selling environment)

Is interactive (can simulate face-to-face experience, but on a global scale)

Increases information density (amount and quality of information available to all market participants)
Permits personalization/customization

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Dear! Following website would be very helpful:
Ecommerce helps in developing new payment mechanisms system like transfer wire etc which was not present in the past. Online services and marketing towards the people with putting much cost, reduced the cost of labor. is the big example. One can get the customized product just by sitting in his /her place.
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global reach
universal stardads
information density
personalization and customization
social technology
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Broad Reach: Ecommerce website reaches the local, national and international audience through a single website. Nowadays a customer can place or receive his/her order from any part of the country.

Single Platform: Customer can find all their daily use product on a single platform. Like Mobile, Kitchen item, Bathroom accessories, gifts toys, etc. All products are easily available on desktop, mobile, tablet or application. An eCommerce website provides all the products to the customers.

Easy Payment Option: eCommerce website offers different payment option to the customers like Cash On Delivery, Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, etc. ECommerce must understand customer needs and offer them different payment gateway for hassle free transaction experience.

Customer Protection: eCommerce website must provide customer data protection facility. Nowadays customer shares their confidential information such as credit card, username, password in shopping website. That is why it is important for an eCommerce website to install SSL Certificate on their server. SSL Certificate creates a secure bridge between user browser and the server and protects all the confidential information from hackers and eavesdropping attacks.

Customer Review: eCommerce website must collect and display customer review to other visitors. This will help the new customer to take an appropriate decision during the purchasing process.

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