How Can I Buy An Existing Domain Name?


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At DomainHole you are able to search for the domain using there expired domain search tool you can see if the domain you wish to have is available and be redirected to a company to purchase the domain.
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Jerry Peres answered

You can go to any domain name website and enter
the domain name or search. If the domain name is already registered then wait.
It returns domain owner details. You can
use “whois” tool for domain name information. You can send the email if domain
owner interested to selling the domain
name. Wait for a response.

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Many hosting companies lists the expired domains or the list of existing domains for purchase in their order panel.  So if you go to the website, there should be an offer to buy it on there.

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Your options are limited if your buying the domain name of a already existing website. If your are running a website, even if you are running and hosting it on a cheap ISP space, your website must be having a specific title or name that helps your visitors recognize your website or webpage like a logo or a title statement in bold letter specifying the main purpose of your website like making chocolate. Your options are already ruled out as there is already a website called www.making In this case you can make bid to buy this existing domain name from the owner.

The chances of completing this transaction and making it work totally depends upon how you deal with the whole issue, after you have emptied your pocket buying that domain name, make sure you spend some more to secure it. For some tips as to how to negotiate a domain name deal, enter this link: To purchase already existing domain names you can log on to:

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