What Is Moonfruit?


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Launched in January 2000, Moonfruit are a company which offer web building services using SiteMaker.

Moonfruit offer a range of we building packages. There is a free package which allows users to build a site, though they will not be able to have an advert free site and they are limited to what features they can use.

The other packages allow users to build an advert free site with lots of features such as chat, membership tools for their site and much more. These packages require the user to pay a monthly or yearly fee.

Moonfruit is easy to use and has many features to offer. The siteMaker package has lots of widgets which can be used to make your site more interesting.

Moonfruit users can produce professional looking sites easily by using the features that the site has to offer and there is also a section on the site where Moonfruit users can promote their sites and look at the latest offers from SiteMaker.

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