What is this site?!? What is it???


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A place to find answers to any life questions you have. A place for advice and for help

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This is an ask and answer site. You can join, or not, and you can ask and/or answer questions from people, literally all over the world. It's very informative, and helpful. But, if you feel you have a real medical need, then I wouldn't recommend sitting here waiting for an answer, we wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you.:D
Really, it's a very nice community, ask away, from all kinds of categories and see what answers you get. Good luck.

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ly fen chen answered

This site is a place for people have any question to ask and get the answer as well, I like this site as we can ask all kinds of questions and also get answers, further more, we can improve our English writing and know what we don't know before.

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