How Do I Use Meta Tags On My Moonfruit Site?


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Louise Gorman answered
Meta tags are used for increasing traffic to your site. First you need to set the meta data for your whole site. Log in to your moonfruit site and click on 'Admin'. Click on 'Site Information'. Enter all keywords relevant to your site in the 'Site Keywords' box.

Next you need to set the meta data for each individual page of your site. Go to 'Edit', then 'Page Settings'. Type in the title of the page you wish to set the meta data for. For example, a page title may be 'Links' or 'About Me' etc. In the box below this, enter all the keywords which are relevant to that particular page (you can copy and paste the keywords which you entered for your whole site to save time). Repeat this for all the pages on your site.

This should increase traffic as when someone types in a word that matches your keyword in a search engine, the page which you set the keyword to will come up in the search.

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