How Do I Tag Someone In A Photo On Facebook?


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Louise Gorman answered
You can tag your friends in a photo by clicking on one of your albums which you have created (you can access your albums on your profile page) and then clicking on 'Edit Photos'.

To tag people in a photo, click on the person's face in the photo who you wish to tag. Next, choose the person's name from your friends list and click 'tag'. If the person who you wish to tag isn't on Facebook or they are not on your friends list, then you can type their name in where it says' type in any name or tag', and then click 'Tag'. Repeat this for every person that you wish to tag in the photo.

If the person that you have tagged is on Facebook, then the images which you have tagged them in will appear on their profile (tagging is useful as it is a way of sharing photos).

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