How Do I Sign Up For Google Analytics For My Moonfruit Site?


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Louise Gorman answered
Log in to your Moonfruit site (this can either be done by going to Moonfruit's homepage and clicking 'Your Account' or by typing in your site address and clicking 'Log In).

When you are logged into your site, click on 'Admin' and then 'Statistics'. Click on 'Get Your Google ID'. This will take you to Google where you will need fill in some details, such as your current email address and you will then sent an email to verify your account. When you have verified your account, you will then be able to select and sign up for Google Analytics. The Google Analytics option can be found when you view your account. When you do sign up for this, you will need to provide your site address.

You will then be provided with a code which your copy and paste into the 'Statistics' section on your Moonfruit site. When this has been done, you should be able to view or edit your account whenever you go to the 'Statistics' tab in the 'Admin' section of your site.

Google Analytics will provide you with information as to who is viewing your site and where your vistors are based.

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