Why do search engines use meta information?


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Tags are for search engine browsers to recognize. We crawlers search for these meta information (title tags, meta keywords, meta description, etc), and analyze them for its ranking in SERPs.

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search engines crawl the internet all the time and meta tags are like an introduction of the page to them. The refer to meta tags as the window to page and know when to deliver that page for a searched query

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There are different use of meta tags such as description, keyword, robots, googlebot and many more. These tags add specification of your webpage, so it will be easy for Google spider to check specific words, when any user search things related to your website.

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Search engines use meta information in order to provide the information about the web page is about what, in SERP.

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its a pre introduction of the website, and it help the google to arrange the website in there database.

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Because these tags are specially made for the browsers and search engines, search engines obtains information from these tags, like title tag, description and meta keywords etc.

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