What Is A Search Engine?


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Basically,a search engine is a software program that searches for sites based on the words that you designate as search terms. Search engines look through their own databases of information in order to find what it is that you are looking for.
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Search engine is a tool that help you to find out whatever you are trying to find over Internet. It sorts out the best matches for any search term that you typed in search box.
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An internet tool to help you find things by keywords
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Search engine is a program searches for and identifies items in a database.you can search any keywords it will give more information.

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A program searches  for the identification in the database  correspond to keywords by the users especially for finding particular sites on the World Wide Web.the most used search engines are Yahoo,google and bing these are the famous.

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Search Engine is a Robot Web service which helps you to find relevant Information according to the user query or keywords. It fetches all information from Indexed website by it.
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A Search Engine is a Internet Resources where you can find your question answer and information  about your topic. Like if You want any Powerpoint (ppt) about Medical you can search all medical related ppt in www.slideworld.org Slideworld.org It's a Latest and best medical search engine. In This medical search engine you can find all medical category ppt like Allergy ppt, Cancer ppt, Surgery ppt, Gastric ppt, Dermatology ppt etc.
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A search engine is a tool that people use in order to find their desired
information. They usually typed in keywords or key phrases in the
search box therefore allowing them to have sufficient knowledge. Also,
search engine works by sending out a spider to fetch as many documents
as possible. It is designed to search for information on the World Wide
Web and FTP servers.
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A search engine is a tool, created in the 1990's, for finding data from a computer. It could be described as an electronic index or database enabling users to discover many sources offering answers to their queries. The user typically enters a word, phrase or question into the specified zone and within moments the search engine will provide, usually in their thousands, websites or web-pages, which contain any information relating to that subject.
While they can be invaluable to general research, regular users will know that it can be a very time consuming task to sift through all the offered sites until ones with relevant information are found. It can be useful to carry out an advanced search where by more detail can be put into the search bar before information is retrieved.
It has valuable learning properties as there is information on any subject that can be imagined, though parents should be made aware of the easy accessibility of subjects of a sexual or violent nature.

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