What Does DNS Stand For?


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DNS is a Domain Name System,it is network to translate host name to ip address,dns basically resolved the query of clients machine there are three types of query: Simple quarry, recursive quarry, and intrative quarry.
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DNS stands for Domain Name System, a service that enables one to use the Internet in a straightforward manner. The function that it performs is that it converts your site name or your email address (domain name) into digits (IP address), the language that the Internet can comprehend. If not for DNS one would have to remember site names and email addresses in terms of numbers; for example the site would be written in IP terms as 123.857.206.4.

The DNS service works in a network format; if one DNS server does not have the domain name/ IP address in its directory it shifts the request to the next server and so on until the requested IP address is located. If the domain name has not been configured properly then one cannot access the site or email address mentioned on that name and a search result will often give an error message.
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Domain Name System
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Domain name service
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Dns stand for domain name system  it provide host name to ip or ip to host name resolution services .
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Dns is nothing but the host name to ip address resolution.

It helps the tcp/ip protocol to connect to the browsing site over the internet with the help of IP address. This dns helps in storing the records and resources of the hostname and dns resource records in a zone.
It helps in installation of active directory. Note without the installation of dns you can not install active directory.
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There are a lot of things that DNS can stand for I think that one of them is Department of National Security

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