What Is Forward Lookup Zone & Why It Is Used?


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A forward lookup zone is a DNS zone in which hostname to IP address relations are stored. When a computer requests the IP address of a specific hostname, the forward lookup zone is queried and the result is returned.

A reverse lookup zone does just the opposite. When a computer requests the hostname of an IP address, the reverse lookup zone is queried and the result is returned.

Also, it is possible to have secondary forward lookup zones when using active directory integrated DNS. The secondary zone won't be ADI, but the primary zone from which it pulls can be. Also, DNS zone can only be Active Directory Integrated if the DNS server on which they reside also happens to be a domain controller. If your dns server isn't a domain controller, the zones aren't ADI, just standard forward lookup zones.

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A forward lookup zone in DNS terminology (DNS is the abbreviation for domain name system) is defined as an active directory integrated forward lookup zone. It is used because it serves the same purpose as a standard primary zone. However, a forward lookup zone is maintained in a different way from a standard primary zone. The forward lookup zone database is not stored in a file which is stored on the name server. However, the forward lookup zone database is stored as a part of the active directory information.

Since any name server that hosts an active directory integrated zone has a read or write copy of the zone and can alter to the zone data, there is no primary or secondary forward lookup zone. The act of replication can be performed easily through the process of active directory replication which is performed through the process of secure, encrypted replication.
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