What Is Forward Lookup Zone In DNS And What Is Its Use? What Is The Difference Between Primary Zone And Forward Lookup Zone?


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1. Forwar lookup assig for dns name or domain name

reverse lookup is assign for network id


2. Forward lookup zone is used to resolve hostname to ip when we type in webbrowser, it will
search the same in dns server and get ip for then
it will conncect to

Reverse lookupzone is used to resolve from ip address to
hostname.Just reverse of forwardlookup zone.


3. Forward Zone : It translate the host name into IP

Revers zone  :It Translate the IP address into host name.

4. Forward lookup zone: It will resolve domain name to ip

Reverse zone: It will resolve ip address to domain name
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Forward look up zone contain information needed to resolve names within the DNS domain.They must include SOA and NS records and can include any type of resource record except the PTR resource record.
While Reverse look up zones contain information needed to perform reverse look ups.They usually include SOA,NS,PTR,and CNAME records.

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